Work with shame to find happiness

If you are a perfectionist on a journey, shame is probably riding shotgun!

Your Healing and Wellness center

“You cannot selectively numb your feelings. If you want peace and happiness for example, you cannot have either of them without acknowledging, in reality, what we deem to be the negative feelings as well. We must be real. The truth must set us free. Not half truths”, says Mark L Lockwood, Scientific and spiritual therapist at The Center for Healing and Spiritual Transformation in Plettenberg Bay.

Many people speak of how happiness has always alluded them. They speak of how fleeting their happiness can be and describe how it never lasts. But you cannot consciously or sub-consciously numb the pain and expect only gain. Life is difficult. It does come with both suffering and happiness. We overcome the suffering. We work with shame to find happiness. We grow from it. We become more loving, empathetic and resilient from it. That is the base upon which our happiness is built says…

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